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Rubber Flooring Contractors

Rubber flooring is ideal when you need a resilient surface that resists scrapes and scuffs, is comfortable underfoot and absorbs sound. It is especially useful in ‘high-traffic’ areas such as sports halls and gyms, communal walkways, office receptions, shops, museums and schools.

It is anti-slip, easy to install or replace when damaged and extremely hard-wearing. In short it’s an attractive, durable surface that will stand the test of time.

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Residential and Commercial Rubber Flooring Installation

If you're looking for slip-resistant flooring for your children's playroom or your home gym, contact Woodcraft Flooring NY. Our experienced professionals can install rolled rubber or rubber tiles in your home or business. We can also install rubber stair treads to make your stairs slip-resistant. 

Benefits of Rubber Flooring
  • Slip resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Cushions the floor
  • Handles heavy impact and heavy traffic
  • Resilient to mildew
  • Ideal for indoor recreation spaces

You can choose from a range of types and finishes, including

• Rubber tiles – perfect for school circulation areas
• Gym mats – for specific areas
• Interlocking rubber tiles – perfect where speed and budget is critical
• Rubber rolls – to cover large areas such as corridors and warehouses

Eco-Friendly Aspects

With a growing emphasis on environmental responsibility, rubber flooring stands out as a sustainable option. Many rubber floors are crafted from recycled materials, reflecting Woodcraft Flooring commitment to eco-friendliness and product innovation.

Transformative Impact of Rubber Flooring

Woodcraft Flooring, extensive portfolio demonstrates the transformative power of rubber flooring. Each installation is an inspiration, highlighting how the right floor can completely revamp a space's look and functionality.